Grußwort von Adina Vălean, EU-Kommissarin für Verkehr

Artikel: Grußwort von Adina Vălean, EU-Kommissarin für Verkehr

The future of transport needs women - on board in boardrooms!

Overall, women make up only 22 % of the EU transport sector workforce. Fewer than 5% are engine drivers. An ageing workforce means that staff shortages are looming. We can address this by attracting a broader workforce to a career in rail. Deutsche Bahn has recognised this, and has committed to clear targets, including raising the number of women in management positions from 25% to 30% by 2024. I salute this initiative, and call on others in the industry to follow suit! Flexible working arrangements, part-time positions, job-sharing and childcare facilities will make jobs in rail more attractive globally – not only for women!

European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean